Xbox 360 System Red Ring of Death Repair - Easy Ways to Eradicate Dreaded RRoD

Published: 28th May 2010
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You can find several Xbox 360 red ring of death repair options. The method that will be successful will depend on the characteristics of the issue or the cause of the RRoD error. However before you having a go at any of these ways, you will need to learn the fundamentals about the red ring of death first.

This red ring of death, otherwise known as RRoD, is a typical problem with Xbox 360 games consoles. It is recognized by the appearance of three blinking red lights on the power button of this games console. If the console is working properly, four green lights need to be appearing on the main power button.

Red ring of death could be caused by problems within the internal unit or equipment of the console or can be caused by main power supply problems. Any of these factors may cause three flashing red lights to appear at the time when the console is powered on.

A method of solving the problem would be to be sure that the hard disk drive is safely and securely within the docking bay. Always keep your unit on a level surface. It may be positioned vertically or horizontally, therefore if one position creates the red ring of death problem, try positioning it another way.

Another method to solve the fault would be to make sure that the hard disk drive is working. Check your Xbox 360 hard drive on another compatible console and see if it works there. Or you can do the opposite, use a different hard drive on the console (ensure that it's compatible). Using this method, you can find out whether the fault is with the hard drive or with the system alone.

It's also possible to test your machine by disconnecting the hard drive and turning the device back on. Now if it's operational, wait for 5 minutes to re-insert the hard disk drive and check if both will work after you've completed this.

You can even test out the power supply cords and make sure that plugs are properly inserted in the sockets. Have a go at using another wall power outlet in your home or removing the power surge device and plugging the games console directly on the wall power outlet. Most of the time, it is just a power supply issue that's causing the red ring of death.

For those who have been playing the Xbox 360 for several hours, give it some rest. Switch off the device and wait half-hour or an hour prior to turning your xbox 360 back on again. Excessive use may cause the device to overheat and giving it frequent rests can often solve the red ring of death trouble in the short term.

Above are a number of options for an Xbox 360 red ring of death fix. Now if the fault persists once you've tried these outlined measures, purchase a repair guide that walks you through the exact steps you need to follow so as to repair your console.

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