Untreated Yeast Infections - What to Do Before It Becomes Chronic Candidiasis

Published: 01st August 2009
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Untreated yeast infections can lead to a lot of discomfort. Chronic or recurrent Candidiasis should warn people that there might be something really wrong with their immune system or their body as a whole. In here, we will look at where untreated Candidiasis and chronic yeast infection can lead.

Results of untreated yeast infections

There are times when Candidiasis or yeast infection can go untreated due to a patient's failure to get tested. It can also be caused by misdiagnosis since most of the symptoms of Candida infection are similar to other conditions. It can also remain untreated just because the person who has it cannot be bothered to take action.

Untreated Candidiasis can lead to a chronic condition. This could result into higher levels of discomfort; like severe itching, a burning feeling, skin rashes, and for women, utter discomfort and even pain in the vaginal area. Despite some fears that chronic and untreated vaginal or penile yeast infections can lead to infertility or cervical cancer for women, there really is no reason to believe that they would. Yeast, after all, is a fungus that naturally occurs in the body.

However, one should never have to live with the discomfort and potential pain that can result from leaving chronic Candidiasis untreated. Furthermore, rashes, skin redness and soreness should be dealt with since they do not only cause discomfort but can also result to bad skin and can be transmitted to other people.

Preventing chronic Candidiasis from developing

The best way to deal with yeast infection is to treat it at the onset. If a person manifests some of the symptoms; like itchiness, soreness, a burning feeling, production of white vaginal discharge or curd-like materials in the mouth, then he or she should get tested and seek the opinion of a doctor.

In most cases, symptoms of Candidiasis can be remedied by simple natural home-made cures. Yogurt, garlic, ginger and vinegar mixed with water are just some of the more popular natural cures that can be prepared at home and used to alleviate the discomfort caused by Candidiasis.

If a person is immunocompromised, then he or she should take precautions to prevent the development of the infection. Take note that people with weaker immune systems, like diabetics, cancer patients and HIV-positive individuals, will be more susceptible than people who do not have these conditions.

Although untreated yeast infections can cause discomfort, it is yet to be proven that it can lead to more serious medical conditions. However, this does not mean that it should be ignored. Keeping one's self healthy is still the best way to lead a comfortable, hassle-free life.

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