Synergy Spanish Review - Why 138 Words Is All You Need To Learn To Master The Basics

Published: 09th December 2011
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When I was at school, I used to dread going to Spanish lessons. They always seemed to be so unnecessarily long winded and laborious. Getting home and trying to learn things from a text book was an arduous affair to say the least. Thankfully times have move on and it's now possible to learn the Spanish language from the comfort of your own home and at times that are convenient. In this Synergy Spanish review I am going to cover what this program covers and why it's just a little different from others you may have already seen.

What Is Synergy Spanish?

Put simply, it's a course designed for people that haven't got months or years to spend trying to learn the language. It's aimed at students that want to pick things up quickly and it keeps things simple by teaching you the core basics of Spanish using a grand total of 138 words. This approach was refreshing to me as it gave me a manageable amount of information to learn and the remarkable thing about it is that as unlikely as it may sound, 138 words is actually all you need to lay down a solid foundation and master the basics of this vocabulary. It's for people that want to speak Spanish in the real world, not for people that just want to know the theory, which makes it ideal for work and also travel.

How Long Does It Take To Learn?

The course itself is divided up into a series of lessons, so it won't take long to make progress. Initially the course lays down a foundation by teaching you the 138 words that are needed to become accomplished at the bare bones of the language. Of course, once you are comfortable with this, the program takes you into a whole new realm of learning with more advanced materials to make you effective at using the Spanish language in practical scenarios.

Synergy Spanish is suitable for outright beginners and also people that have possibly tried other programs and not made the progress they had been hoping for. You don't need to have any prior knowledge of the language or to have studied any other courses or materials previously. It's a nice and simple course that makes learning a new language fun. Due to its sheer simplicity, it's not a program you will need to study for months in order to get good results.

Learning On The Move Or At Home

Personally I am something of an MP3 learning addict so if I can get hold of an mp3 file and put it into my player, I am well away. My personal preference is to learn while I am on the move or while I am working out at the gym. With the Synergy Spanish course you can download each lesson, which lasts for around 10-20 minutes each, onto your preferred player or even burn the information onto a CD to listen to at home or in the car. This makes it an ideal program for someone that doesn't want to be tied to one location in order to learn Spanish.

Synergy Spanish Review Summary

With the plethora of learn Spanish programs on the market, it takes a lot for any one in particular to stand out, but this one is to be recommended for it's uniquely simple yet effective approach to learning the basics of the language and then building upon them once you have a clear foundation already in place. The bite-size lessons, each lasting 10-20 minutes also makes digesting the information a lot more manageable for anyone studying the course.

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