Natural Remedy for Yeast Infection - Treating Vaginal Candidiasis Right at Home

Published: 18th August 2009
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A natural remedy for yeast infection is highly preferred by a lot of people. First, because a natural cure is usually easy to prepare, with most ingredients available at one's own home. Second, it does not pose much danger of adverse reactions since it is mostly made from pure ingredients. Third, these home made treatment methods usually work.

For women who suffer from vaginal yeast infection, natural remedies are some of the treatment options that would be worth their time to explore. Several of the more common ones are highlighted here.

Suppository home treatment

Vaginal Candidiasis can be controlled and even prevented by a number of natural cures that can be mixed at home. Arguably, the most popular of these natural remedies is yogurt. As a suppository treatment, it can be used by inserting inside the vagina a tampon dipped in unsweetened yogurt. Another home cure that can be inserted inside the vagina is garlic paste wrapped in cheesecloth. Use an unflavored dental floss to create a string that will allow the cheesecloth to be pulled out after the effect has worn off.

Home made ointment for vaginal Candida infection

Tea tree oil can be applied on the vulvar area or any part of the body that shows symptoms of yeast infection such as, itchiness, soreness and skin redness. It is effective in alleviating the burning feeling caused by the infection and in preventing yeast overgrowth. Another natural treatment that can be used like an ointment is coconut oil. Like tea tree oil, apply it on affected areas.

Home-concocted douche

Mixing vinegar with water will provide an effective antifungal genital wash. The acidic nature of vinegar naturally battles yeast overgrowth and other bacteria. A burning feeling might result from using this douche, so it is important to find the proper water-vinegar ratio that will be enough for the patient to tolerate. Aside from vinegar, lime juice or lemon juice mixed with water can also serve as douche. And just like vinegar, it should be mixed with water in a ratio that will make the solution tolerable to the user.

Oral natural remedies

Women with vaginal yeast infection should adopt the habit of eating a cup of unsweetened yogurt everyday to rid themselves of the excess yeast in their bodies. Eating apples and drinking green tea can also help cleanse the body of too much yeast and protect it from Candidiasis. Cranberry juice, lemon juice and other citrus drinks are also said to be really good for curing yeast infection.

If a natural remedy for yeast infection is what you are looking for, it is advisable to first take a look around the house. You might be surprise at the number of alternatives that are available right under your fingertips.

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