Male Yeast Infection Treatment - How Effective Is Vinegar and Other Natural Home Remedies?

Published: 18th August 2009
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Home-made male yeast infection treatment is practically the same as those used by women for vaginal Candidiasis. Herbs, common cooking ingredients and oils are just some of the things that men can use to mix natural remedies. In this report, we look at some simple ways of treating male Candidiasis.

Male yeast infection treatment is usually in the form of a liquid wash or a paste or cream that can be applied to the skin. Not only are these cures designed to fight yeast overgrowth in men's bodies, they are also meant to alleviate symptoms associated with the infection which can cause major discomfort, particularly if these symptoms appear on sensitive areas of the body.

Men can suffer from Candida infection in various parts of their anatomy. For them, the most common form of this fungal infection is penile Candidiasis. Symptoms of penile yeast infection include rashes, soreness, itchiness and a burning feeling. In more severe cases, difficulty in urinating and a white discharge may also appear as symptoms.

Penile yeast infection can be really bothersome. The itchiness and redness usually affect the head of the penis and the foreskin. Men who favor home made cures usually opt for the vinegar and water solution. The solution is used to wash the areas where symptoms of the infection appear. It is also highly effective for thrush or oral Candidiasis when used as a mouthwash.

Another common natural remedy favored by men is gentian violet. For some reason, this dye is said to work better on male yeast infection than on women with vaginal Candidiasis. Gentian violet is swabbed on the area where symptoms manifest. This treatment, though, can be a hassle as it stains clothing and must only be applied if the patient had no plans of going out. Despite this minor concern, a lot of men use gentian violet because of its efficacy.

Men sweat more than women; not only because of their biological makeup but also because they tend to be more physically active than women. Dried sweat can exacerbate an already existing fungal infection. For yeast infection appearing in other parts of the body, men tend to favor tea tree oil. This natural cure not only fights yeast overgrowth, it is also more soothing than vinegar and other acid-based natural remedies which are considered more effective but can cause a burning feeling when used.

A male yeast infection treatment prepared at home can be effective in getting rid of symptoms. However, it is still necessary to take precautions, and seeing a doctor is still recommended, particularly if the condition is already at an advanced stage.

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