How To Lose Leg Fat Fast For Women

Published: 18th February 2011
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We depend on our legs all day long, so it's no surprise that they are usually pretty well muscled. Unfortunately legs are also a matter of concern for a large number of women because fat has a tendency to accumulate on this region. This article is all about how to lose leg fat fast for women, but men can also benefit from this advice as well.

Losing Leg Fat Options

Here we are going to focus on how to lose leg fat in healthy ways. There is no such thing as a magic wand cure, but there are numerous methods you can start using to achieve shapely, fat free legs to be proud of.

Lose Leg Fat By Exercising

It's true that, to a certain extent, our legs get the benefit of a workout when we go for a walk, but unfortunately this just isn't enough to burn off all of the excess fat that has accumulated. In order to lose leg fat for good, you will need to begin a regular aerobic routine and also do some leg strength training.

Why Do Cardio?

Cardiovascular exercise elevates your heart rate and increases your metabolism which is essential for fat-burning. You will need to choose an aerobic exercise that you can maintain in the fat burning zone for 20 minute daily at least three times a week. Suitable exercises include jogging on a treadmill, rowing, swimming and cycling. If none of those float your boat, you could also enroll in exercise classes that you enjoy going to.

Start off slowly in the beginning and increase your exercise duration to 30-40 minutes over time. Strength training can be either performed at home or at your local gym. The gym will have plenty of machines specifically targeted at exercising the muscles in your legs. If you're working out at home, do things such as squats and lunges.

How to Lose Leg Fat Fast With Diet

The right diet, which increases the core temperature of your body will help you lose leg fat quickly. Your metabolism will increase if you eat thermogenic foods such as green tea and tasty peppers. Also eat plenty of vegetables, eggs, lean cuts of meat and whole grain food. Avoid refined sugar and foods high in saturated fats.

Cut Out The Stress In Your Life

Believe it or not, stress is a contributing factor in weight gain. Once you get stressed out your body holds onto fat stores and goes out of its way to store more calories as fat. This isn't good news if you want to lose leg fat. Our bodies do this in order to survive, so you need to cut out as much stress as possible by doing relaxing things such as Yoga and stretching exercises.

If you really want to step things up in the leg toning department, also do exercises that require balancing on one leg at a time and exercises that involve movement of your legs away from your body.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to lose leg fat fast for women. Be sure to follow these tips by exercising and eating the right diet in order to get those shapely legs you desire.

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