High Gas Mileage Cars – Ultra Efficient Models That Are Light On The Wallet

Published: 15th August 2008
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Having cars or motorcycles is very essential in our life. This extends to 'new breed' vehicles such as hybrid and hydrogen powered cars. Are you aware of the gas price lately? All of us want to have a car that is capable of good gas mileage. People that are in the market of buying a new car are searching for the high gas mileage cars. Here are some of the ultra fuel effective cars that are available in the market today:

Toyota Prius that gets 45 mpg and has a hatchback back feature that make transportation easier. The Honda Civic and Honda Fit are very suitable for a busy American family in today's way of life. Honda Civic is the right choice if you're looking for a 4-door family car that can achieve near to 40 mpg. This car is very trendy and will give you that hip look. The hybrid version of the Civic is offered by the Honda in the market today. The Ford Focus car is ultra low cost that covers 35 mpg. There are lots of cars that are available nowadays that have a low gas mileage. These facts will help you to know the offered cars in the market that have high gas mileage and are comparitively low cost for what you are getting.

You need to read the owner's manual over and over again after you have chosen the car that you want to buy. This is because this owner's manual will give you the right information that you need. If you drive without knowing the right information, you can lower the gas mileage in your high mileage car. Certainly that's not what you want from your new car. You will find out the needs of your car in order to thrive. Your standard service oil change could be at 3,000 miles or ever 3 months, it usually depends on the kind of oil that you use in your car and the recommendations from your manufacturer. The synthetic oil might be needed by your car in which case it might not need to be changed frequently. An auto technician is the best person to refer to when you have questions about the oil changes.

The correct measurement of PSI on each tire is very important in your high mileage cars in order for it not to bog down. To have an ultra efficient car don't load your trunk too much. A clean car gives not only a great look but it helps in getting the best gas mileage especially when you wax and wash your cars outer part. Always check your gas, especially when you're refilling at the gas station. By following these practical tips you can enjoy your ultra low cost car with high gas mileage for a long time.

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