Fat Burning Furnace Review - Kick Starting Your Metabolism For Effective Weight Loss

Published: 08th June 2011
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This is a complete system that has been created by Rob Poulos. It is based around the premise that following the right diet and performing the correct exercises will fire up your metabolism significantly. In this Fat Burning Furnace review I am going to give you an insight into what is involved in this system, relevant considerations and whether this is the best system for you to follow.

What Is Fat Burning Furnace?

It is a guide for normal people with busy lifestyles to follow in order to lose weight and burn fat. The system itself has been created by Rob Poulos, who actually used to be obese himself. Using the methods outlined in his system he successfully got down to his target weight and he's sharing these methods with you in the Fat Burning Furnace program.

The Good Points

Firstly, it's a program based around principles that make a lot of sense. It's a system that has a firm basis in scientific principles for burning fat and turning up the heat on your body's metabolism. As you'll be doing exercises as part of the system, Fat Burning Furnace recommends different workouts that are in-line with your current fitness level, so regardless of how fit you are, you'll still be able to do exercises and burn fat as well as get into great shape.

Secondly, the exercise routines in this program are not unnecessarily long. This means you'll be doing short workouts that are just 20 minutes duration and you only need to do them 3-4 times each week. You perform a single set of each recommended exercise before moving onto the next one. The exercises in Fat Burning Furnace will work your whole body for a complete workout.

It may also be a relief to you that you won't have to spend time running endlessly on a treadmill or on other cardiovascular equipment. With this system you just perform the short workouts and you're done. Rob Poulos advises that this will give you an even better cardiovascular workout than spending upto 3 times longer on a running treadmill. The exercise guides in Fat Burning Furnace are thorough and easy to follow.

The Bad Points

There's not a lot of bad things to say about this system, but what I would say is that it's predominantly an exercise program with less time spent on advising you exactly what to eat. Nutrition is covered and that's explained really well and you'll also be given some sample meals along with relevant resource links to recipes for meals you can make. Of course this gives you greater flexibility and choice in terms of what you ultimately decide to eat, which may suit you or not, depending on how disciplined and organized you are in terms of eating habits.

I also noticed that ProGrade food products mentioned a number of times in the guide, which is not necessarily a bad thing but something to be aware of. You don't need to use these products in order to have success with the Fat Burning Furnace system.

Fat Burning Furnace Review - The Final Verdict

If you are looking for a no-nonsense approach to fat burning which includes comprehensive exercise instructions for people of all fitness levels, which can be followed by anyone leading a busy lifestyle, this program is on the mark. It's a superb system for cranking up your metabolism and a far superior alternative to the fad diets which don't work long term. This is a long term solution to fat burning which you can integrate into your lifestyle.

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