Acne Scar Natural Treatment - Removing the Marks Without the Chemicals

Published: 08th January 2009
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Several acne scar natural treatment options are available to people who dislike using formulas contained in jars, tubes and other containers that scream "manufactured." Let's face it, there are just those who are not into anything that goes beyond the garden or the kitchen pantry. Well, who can blame them? After all, natural solutions are supposed to be safer than formulated ones.

Acne scar natural treatment might not be effective for everybody. It would depend on the severity of the scars or the person's type of skin. However, most of the time, we might have a better chance of avoiding adverse reactions if we used natural or organic materials. For individuals interested in natural solutions, here goes.

Some who have suffered from skin marks left by severe acne have recommended natural oils. A mixture of lavender oil and rosehip oil applied to the scars two times a day supposedly helps remove unsightly marks left by severe pimples. Others recommend sandalwood paste mixed with rosewater to be used as facial mask overnight.

For dark-colored scarring, lemon juice is supposed to perform miracles. The natural citrus flavor is said to be effective in removing dark stains on the skin. Dab cotton soaked in lemon juice to the scars and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with clean, warm water. If you prefer lemon juice, better use it at night before going to bed since it does not react well with sunlight and might cause pigmentation or skin discoloration.

The kitchen is also equipped with several ingredients that can help remove acne scars. Mixing sour cream, yogurt, lemon juice and grounded oatmeal and applying it to the affected areas before washing it off with clean water after 15 minutes has been touted by natural cure enthusiasts as an effective way of removing scars caused by acne.

If you are not into mixing ingredients and would prefer a single remedy, grinded pineapple is a good option. The ascorbic acid in pineapples can help eliminate skin marks caused by pimples. Just apply it to the scars and leave it on for around 15 minutes before washing it off with clean water and you have an instant scar-cure. Aside from its supposed effectiveness, pineapple does smell better than other mixtures.

Baking soda made into a paste and cucumber mixed with honey are also some of the kitchen-based scar remedy options. However, people with oily skin should avoid using honey and should replace it with lemon juice instead.

The effectiveness of acne scar natural treatment differs from one person to another. The good thing about these natural remedies, though, is that they are easy to prepare and the ingredients are very much accessible. However, consulting a skin expert, as always, is still the best first step in treating scars.

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